No Sharps No Flats

Cassette tape, vintage boombox electronics and speakers, wood

Collaboration with Adam Richard Nelson Hughes, Emily Francisco, and twenty-five DC-based musicians.

Transformer, Washington DC


Axon Xylophone Bridge, the most recent installation by Zerozero Collective (me + Amy Hughes Braden + Yassine El Mansouri + Zaki Ghul), is up and running in Ballston. Pedestrian motion activates light and sound as they travel to and from the Ballston Metro Station building. On display through March 2017.

Photos by Yassine El Mansouri

Oral Histories/Oral Futures

collaboration with Adam Richard Nelson Hughes, Drew Hagelin, Seshat Walker, and Erik Moe

Listeners enter booths and answer payphones to listen to stories from the U Street Public Archive and stories from the future, as imagined by Future Cartographic Society.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Public Library

Washington, DC



iOS Application (collaboration with Deloitte Digital and Funk Parade)

DC Funk Parade

Eight-channel composition, users swipe through eight "boomboxes" playing individual mixes, synced to the Apple clock so that multiple users can collaborate to hear the entire composition in harmony.


Just the Tip (Iceberg)

Multimedia installation (with Amy Hughes Braden)

Cafritz Art Center, Silver Spring MD